Contribute to B.C.’s Food Supply

B.C.’s farm, fish and food sector contributes to the food supply of our province. These workers provide essential services. Their contribution is vital to ensure safe, nutritious and affordable food reaches everyone.

Job Diversity

There are work opportunities for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced worker or new to the sector, there's a job for you. Imagine yourself working in a winery, a berry farm, with animals or with vegetables. These roles allow you to be creative, technical, and scientific – the possibilities are endless!

Health & Safety is Top Priority

A top focus for food producers is the health, safety and wellness of their employees. These employers ensure all employees have the equipment they need to be safe on the job.

A Growing Industry

Canadian farm, fish and food products continue to grow around the world. As more people buy local, B.C. food products are in higher demand, which keeps the sector growing.

Grow Your Skills

B.C. has over 200 agricultural products and over 100 varieties of fish and aquaculture. With all this job variety why not learn and build your skills? Gain experience in the natural resource sector and strengthen your essential skills including adaptability, time-management and leadership. Working in the farms, fish and food sectors grows your career options.

Working within Farm, Fish & Food is Rewarding

Working in the sector is hard work but rewarding. Every day you can walk away knowing that you made a positive impact on those around you. Farm, fish and food business owners contribute to the health and well-being of society. They are passionate about what they do, and hope you'll join them!