Jobs Near You

B.C. has a variety of farm, fish and food regions. It’s home to more than 200 land based commodities and 100 marine based commodities. In fact, many of these jobs are right outside your backyard. Jobs can range from general labour to management and specialized roles. There are employment opportunities for every skill set. Explore opportunities near you, and help grow your career!

Opportunities Near You

Vancouver Island/Coast

Main Industries: Crops, Livestock, Food Processing & Fisheries
Needs: Field labourers (fruit, vegetable & berry pickers), livestock helpers (dairy, hogs, sheep, poultry, eggs), food & beverage processing labourers

Mainland/South Coast

Main Industries: Crops & Livestock
Needs: Field & greenhouse labourers (cranberries, raspberries, blueberries, potatoes), livestock helpers (dairy, poultry & eggs), food & beverage processing labourers

Thompson Nicola

Main Industries: Cattle Production & Small-Scale Crops
Needs: Ranchers (cattle), field labourers (vegetables), livestock (sheep, poultry & hogs)

Cariboo-Chilcotin Coast

Main Industries: Cattle Production & Small-Scale Agriculture
Needs: Ranchers (horses & cattle), field labourers (vegetables), field labourers (tree fruit, wine grapes), and livestock helpers (dairy)


Main Industries: Beverage Production, Tree Fruit, Cattle Ranching, Livestock, Greenhouse Production
Needs: Field labourers (tree fruit, wine grapes, nuts), beverage processing (beer, wine, cider), ranchers (cattle), livestock helpers, food processing labourers


Main Industries: Cattle Ranching & Crops
Needs: Field labourers (tree fruit), vegetables (tomatoes, seeds, oilseeds, cereals ranchers (cattle), livestock helpers (poultry, goats)

North Coast & Nechako

Main Industries: Livestock & Crops
Needs: Field labourers (tree fruit, berries, nuts, grass, hardy legumes, grains, oilseeds, root crops & other vegetables), wild harvest (mushrooms), livestock helpers


Main Industries: Livestock & Crops
Needs: Field labourers (canola, seeds, grains), field labourers (root vegetables, cabbage, sweet corn), specialty products (honey), livestock helpers

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